Bernardi vindicated over opposition to medivac bill

February 07, 2019

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has been vindicated for opposing the Labor, Greens and left-wing crossbenchers medivac bill on the last sitting day of federal parliament last year.

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The Australian reports that intelligence agencies have warned that the “third pillar” of the ­nation’s border-­protection architecture — the offshore ­processing of asylum-seekers — would be dismantled if Phelps' bill ­becomes law.

Senator Bernardi helped the government delay passage of the bill through the Senate to prevent it being sent to the House of Representatives in time for it to pass before Christmas.

He spoke to 2GB the day after parliament last sat and said Labor, the Greens and crossbench independents are intent on the unthinkable.

The agencies warned that up to 1000 asylum-seekers on Manus Island and Nauru would be expected to start arriving “within weeks” of the bill being given royal assent, and being transferred here within another four to five weeks.

A declassified briefing note said that the bill would render the government powerless to conduct proper security threat assessments or stop transfers to the mainland.

Labor, the Greens and other lower house left-wing crossbenchers have said they are inclined to support the bill when parliament resumes next week for the first time this year.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, if the bill passes,"You just need two doctors on Skype who say 'I can't really see from here so you need to be brought to Australia so I can see you here'."

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