Bernardi to front Q&A;’s “Lefty lynch-mob”

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has agreed to front Q&A, the ABC program former Prime Minister Tony Abbott referred to as a “Lefty lynch mob”, tonight, Monday 2 July 2018.

Mr Abbott’s comment, was made in 2015 after Q&A featured former terrorist suspect Zaky Mallah questioning a Liberal MP panellist about proposed changes to citizenship laws.

At the time, Mr Abbott questioned which “side” the national broadcaster was on.

In an unusual admission of an error of judgment, the ABC said it would review the decision after the man’s appearance prompted a storm of protests in Coalition ranks.

As a consequence, Mr Abbott famously banned his frontbenchers from appearing on the program.

In 2010 on Q&A, former Prime Minister John Howard was targeted by a male audience member who threw his shoes at him. In many Arab cultures, it is considered an extreme insult to throw a shoe at someone.

And so we come to tonight, when Senator Cory Bernardi will make his return to the program appearing in front of a live audience at the ABC studios in Melbourne.

Here’s an excerpt from Senator Bernardi’s Q&A appearance five years ago.

If you’re not in the Eastern States and want to watch the program live (at 9.04pm Adelaide time and 7.34pm Perth time), so that you can live tweet, click here.