Bernardi’s right-hand man runs for Schubert

February 28, 2018

Senator Cory Bernardi’s chief of staff, Rikki Lambert, will run as the Australian Conservatives’ candidate for Schubert at next month’s state election.

The Bunyip newspaper reports, the father of four, who currently lives in Angaston, has advised state members of parliament and senators for over a decade, and has served as Senator Bernardi’s right-hand man since the formation of the Australian Conservatives party.

On March 17, Mr Lambert will contest for Schubert against incumbent Liberal member Stephan Knoll, Labor candidate David Haebich, SA-BEST candidate Paul Brown, and Greens candidate Dave Irving.

Mr Lambert said Schubert is a conservative electorate, and it’s time that it is returned to conservative hands.

 “As a Barossa local I want to represent this electorate and its conservative values,” Mr Lambert said.

“Like many country seats, Schubert is an economic powerhouse that Labor uses as a cash cow to maintain its power via metropolitan seats,” he said.

“That won’t change with a Liberal government. Only putting Schubert on the cross-bench, as a truly conservative seat, will give it the recognition it deserves.”

Mr Lambert said the Conservatives have plans to abolish all “greedy taxes” to unshackle businesses, and allow them to grow and create more jobs.

“The growers, wineries (and) tourism operators are saddled with Labor’s greedy taxes – payroll tax, stamp duty, land tax, the emergency services and NRM (Natural Resources Management) levies,” he said.

“That’s $3 billion statewide, every year, (which) businesses can use to grow, create more jobs, and see the benefits of tax cuts in the Schubert community.”

The passionate candidate said he is looking forward to the election and “giving it a redhot go”.

“I have extensive experience in politics, and before that as a lawyer dealing with all the problems communities encounter,” he said.

“I am happy to debate candidates on whatever platform. I am very concerned that the Nick  Xenophon Team will get soft votes for a showman who isn’t serious – everything is a joke to him.

“South Australia’s economic condition is a joke, but a joker isn’t the answer.”

To read the full The Bunyip newspaper article written by Laura Collins click here

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