Bernardi moves motion condemning ‘predatory’ Greens

November 15, 2018

The Greens are under siege in the federal parliament from Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi and both major parties over a raft of sexual harassment, bullying and hate speech allegations made against state MPs and candidates.

The Australian reports, Senator Bernardi and LNP senator Barry O’Sullivan are moving a joint motion in the Senate today calling on Greens senators to condemn “criminal and predatory behaviour in the Greens”.

The motion details the current sexual harassment allegations against NSW state MP Jeremy Buckingham, who has faced calls from federal Greens leader Richard Di Natale to resign. Mr Buckingham has denied the allegations.

It also details bullying allegations against former Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber and the current controversy around state election candidate Angus McAlpine, whose rap songs include sexist and homophobic lyrics.

“We give notice on the next day of sitting, we shall move that the Senate … calls upon Senators Di Natale, Siewert, Steele-John, Rice, Waters, Faruqi, Whish-Wilson and McKim (pictured) to make statements condemning predatory and criminal behaviour within the Greens party,” the motion reads.

“(And) calls upon the government to write to all Greens Party branches providing details of support service and advice to report inappropriate and potentially criminal behaviour.”

State Greens leader Samantha Ratnam has defended Mr McAlpine and said he is “on a journey” and Mr Barber has denied the allegations of bullying against him.

Meanwhile, Labor senator Kimberley Kitching will move a separate motion calling on Ms Ratnam to disendorse Mr McAlpine as a candidate in next week’s election.

“Mr McAlpine has used racist, sexist and violently misogynist language as early as this year … (the Senate) calls on Samantha Ratnam and the Victorian Greens to show some leadership and immediately disendorse Mr McAlpine as a Greens candidate,” Senator Kitching’s motion reads.

The Senate is due to debate and vote on Senators O’Sullivan and Bernardi’s motion later today.

Senator Bernardi has told Paul Murray Live on Sky News, the hypocrisy of the Greens knows no bounds.

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