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Senator Cory Bernardi pressed minister for defence Marisse Payne in question time this week, seeking justification for the continued employment of defence force imam Mohamadu Nawaz Saleem - a self-professed sympathiser of radical Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, having signed a joint statement in their defence.

 ss_(2017-06-18_at_11.52.06).jpg"Hizb ut-Tahrir, a radical Islamic group which has called for the overthrow of democracy and the imposition of global sharia law..." 

"...How can the minister justify the continuing employment of imam Saleem… given his support for such un-Australian and anti-democratic principles?"

 Minister Payne's suggestion that Saleem's views are representative of his own loyalties and not necessarily those of the Australian Defence Force shows a clear unwillingness to condemn the imam or his actions.

 "She missed the point" Bernardi tells 2GB's Ben Fordham, highlighting a foul hypocrisy evident  in the recent sacking of Bernard Gaynor for his own religious views. "There is a duality here and basically, this is another protection racket for extremism within the Islamic community"


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