Bennelong by-election candidate announced

November 23, 2017

Senator Cory Bernardi announced this afternoon that the first ever Australian Conservatives candidate to face an election nationwide will be Joram Richa in the Bennelong by-election.

"Today marks an important step for Australian Conservatives as we enter our first electoral contest," Senator Bernardi said, "Joram Richa will represent Australian Conservatives in the Bennelong by-election. He will provide a principled, conservative alternative for the voters of Bennelong.  Our electoral presence is more important than ever.  Both the major parties are failing the Australian people and putting forward candidates with little to distinguish between them. Their stance on the things that really matter are so similar that it really isn’t a choice at all."

"Joram and Australian Conservatives will provide the conservative voter with a genuine and credible alternative. We offer a better way for Bennelong with an agenda that will strengthen families, rebuild civil society, encourage enterprise and make sure government works for all of us rather than the political insiders."

"After so many political disappointments over the past ten years it is critically important that the conservative voice is heard loud and clear during the Bennelong by-election."

The Bennelong by-election will occur on 16 December and voters can check their enrolment details at the by-election home page here. The by-election became necessary after the Liberal Party's sitting member, John Alexander MHR, resigned due to his eligibility for dual citizenship with Great Britain. The Australian Labor Party has chosen former NSW Labor premier, Kristina Keneally, to run for the seat.

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