Beer-infused emu pie flying off the shelves as Karratha locals flock to Australia Day feast

January 25, 2019

What's more Australian than a meat pie and sauce?

In the lead-up to Australia Day, one pie connoisseur has upped the ante and invented what could be considered a true-blue icon.

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The ABC reports, a deli in Western Australia's remote Pilbara region has mixed the nation's coat of arms with their love of beer to create the Emu Export pie — and it has already sold out.

"This state goes crazy for bush chook things," said Karratha businessman Bart Parsons.

"I was thinking of a new pie flavour and I thought 'I've got emu meat available, and I've got Emu Export readily available … why the hell hasn't this been done?" he said.

Mr Parsons, who owns numerous venues within the City of Karratha, has long had a love affair with the beer, which is now brewed in South Australia and bottled in Tasmania.

Originally the beverage, which dates back to 1908, was brewed in WA.

Mr Parsons believes he outdid himself this week when he added the patriotic pie to the deli's menu.

A limited edition batch of the pies were cooked in the lead up to Australia day and according to Mr Parsons, the pies flew off the shelves.

Mr Parsons said the recipe was not exactly a secret, but he kept tight lipped on the measurements.

"The ratios are secret, but there's emu meat, there's actually a fair bit of [beer] in there," he said.

"It's not overpowering [but] the balancing items being carrots, celery, peas and onion, which are all quite sweet, so they take off the gamey-ness of that meat.

"So it tastes very normal, there's gravy powder and a few extra little things.

Mr Parsons is certainly not the first Australian to come up with a strange and wonderful pie creation.

Burketown butcher and baker Geoff Darrach started selling a barramundi pie in far North Queensland in 2015, while camel pies are a hit at the Birdsville Bakery in outback Queensland.

In true Australian fashion, Four'N Twenty created a beef, cheese and vegemite pie.

And while it is unclear who first sold the 'pie floater', which combines pork, mushy peas and gravy, it is popular around the country.

Of course emu meat is eaten around the country, and even occasionally combined with kangaroo for what is known as the 'coat of arms'.

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