Bateman for MacKillop

March 08, 2018

This week, Australian Conservatives’ candidate for MacKillop, Richard Bateman answered a series of questions from the Stock Journal:

What do you believe is the biggest challenge facing MacKillop?

“We’re taken for granted by both major parties and our needs are ignored. We have a region rich in many different aspects, which provides the government a good percentage of SA’s gross domestic product, but we are constantly ignored.”

What do you see as the major issue affecting SA agriculture and how would you rectify this?

“The government isn’t focused on agriculture which is probably why it has been cutting PIRSA’s budget for a long time. We need to invest in a strong PIRSA that will work co-operatively with farmers – particularly in the areas of research and development – to grow agriculture.”

What are your views on allowing mining on prime farming land in MacKillop?

“When the new mining act is tabled for discussion we will be moving an amendment to annex SA arable farmland from invasive open cut mining and also prevent fracking in the SE.”

Do you support the moratorium on genetically-modified crops and Why?

Farmers I have spoken to would like more information to make a decision, not just continue a 10-year moratorium. This needs input from the farming sector, along with the community.”

To see the Australian Conservatives’ 2018 Election Plan for South Australia, click here.


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