Barbaric Ideology Fuels Deranged Individuals

May 25, 2017

Australian Conservatives Senator Cory Bernardi spoke with Matt and Dave on ABC 891 Adelaide radio yesterday after the appalling attack in Manchester, calling on the government to be “more proactive in dealing with the substance of this issue.”

“What sort of barbaric ideology fuels deranged individuals to commit such crimes? ... there are groups of people who subscribe to a certain (Islamic) ideology living in Australia and around the world who are trying to export the poison that that ideology espouses.”

“I don’t think our immigration program is acting in our national interest. I don’t think it is acting in our social, economic or cultural interest at the moment… there is a great deal of community unrest because too many politicians refuse to confront the reality and that is, there is Islamic extremism being proselytised through bookshops, through some of the more fundamentalist mosques, there are Imams preaching hate and continually people are making excuses particularly in the public and political sphere.”

Those who dare to point out it is the doctrines of Islam and their fundamentalist proselytisers that inspire such putrid acts will be called Islamaphobes, bigots and racists by Islam's apologists in the West.

However, the first priority of any government is to protect our citizens and Australia's interests and it is time to end the excuses and actually confront the challenge before us.


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