Bailey finds strong support in regional Victoria

November 13, 2018

"A lot of people are fed up with political correctness identity politics," he said.

 "People on the land are fearful their land will be locked up and taken from productive use. Farmers are the biggest environmentalists but the constant message from the Greens has been to hammer farmers. People in rural areas have a lot of anger toward the city trendsetters and hipsters who try to tell people on land how to live their lives," he said.

But, Mr Bailey said opponents of the Conservatives, like The Greens, had over-reached, "You give them an inch, they take a mile. Australians are pretty happy-go-lucky but when pushed too far they push back and that's what's happening," he said.

"People around the world are pushing back and regional Victorians have made it clear during my trips they are prepared to give people a go but enough is enough. Safe schools, gender whispering - people are concerned about their kids and grandkids. People are dispairing," he continued.

Mr Bailey said the recent Wentworth by-election showed people were deserting the major political parties and had a distrust of politicians.

"It's been going on for a decade. People don't know where to look. People are asking 'what can I do? I'm only one person' But if enough of us band together we do have a voice.  I'm not going to become the prime minister but we need a political party to keep everyone honest," he said.

"The Greens have held the balance of power. With 12 percent of the vote they were able to dictate terms to both the Liberals and Labor, but people have now seen just how much damage those policies do. The Greens vote has dropped to eight per cent and there's now a number of senate seats up for grabs," Mr Bailey said 40 percent of the public voted against the same sex plebiscite and were clearly conservative thinking.

He said in just 18 months the Conservative Party has become the third largest political party, by membership, in the nation with 20,000 members.

"People have two votes at every federal election. All we are saying is think about using your senate vote to bring about fundamental change," he said.

"If we can knock off The Greens we can have multiple senators, six or seven, and actually hold the balance of power. Instead of The Greens infecting both political parties we have a real opportunity to act as a brake on crazy legislation, push for lower taxes and no pay rises for politicians until we have a budget surplus, simply policies which will make a real difference for all Australians," Mr Bailey said he didn't mind if anyone voted Liberal or Labor, but he wanted the Conservatives to be the third main political party.

"My business is to destroy The Greens, protect freedom of speech, we are against political correctness, we want to give people a fair go to reclaim our country. Our message resonates with a lot of people because many people are fed up with their money being wasted.

"We want a smaller government with the aim of reducing debt.

"We've only been going 18 months as a political party. With a federal election early next year we have a laser like focus on that poll and trying to capture the balance of power.

"We're trying to raise $1 million and we need to recruit talented people to assist us," he said.

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