Back to grass roots: Bailey

December 13, 2018

An organised Conservative Party is canvassing regional Victoria ahead of the federal election, seeking to cut down the Greens' opportunities in the Senate.

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The Bendigo Weekly reports that Victorian senate candidate Kevin Bailey is raising the profile of Senator Cory Bernardi's young political party, touring regional Victoria in the past weeks. Mr Bailey has been meeting with members, and will tour the region again in February in the lead up to the election being called.

He predicts he will need to raise and spend $1 million to win a Senate seat to represent Victoria.

He will need a quota of 14.3 per cent of first preference votes.

Mr Bailey garnered considerable media attention when he ran for the Conservatives in the lower house Federal seat of Batman, in the by-election, coming third.

He has great disdain for what he sees as Labor's role in promoting political correctness, "It should be about diversity of opinion, not diversity of skin colour or sexual orientation," Mr Bailey said about what he regards as a gagging by the cultural elite of right-wing views.

"At the moment, the official view is the state-sponsored view, and the cultural elite had taken control of the government, the media, and schools."

Mr Bailey said the Liberal party had abandoned conservative voters but the Conservatives were seeking to become the third political force in Australia, killing off the Greens in the process and holding the balance of power in the Senate.

With six of nine Greens' senators up for election next year, Mr Bailey is confident about the party's chances.

His resume, including at different times a former member of the SAS, a self-made financial services businessman and a consul general in the newly independent East Timor government, suggests he likes a challenge.

Mr Bailey has told Melbourne radio station J-AIR 87.8 it's important we shut down the Greens at the next federal election.

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