Back in Black - the AC100 in 2019

January 16, 2019

After Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi stepped up to defend Australia Day after the ABC's Triple J abandoned it in 2018, the South Australian senator is back to stare down the leftists with the second edition of the #AC100 playlist.

In the lead up to 2018's Australia Day, Triple J moved its 'Hottest 100' music playlist from the date of Australia Day to appease left-wing appeals to avoid 'offending' those who identify as being Aboriginal Australians.

Senator Bernardi launched the #AC100 on free online music streaming service Spotify so that Australians had a list of old and new Australian music to listen to during their Australia Day celebrations.

Left-wing musicians swiftly objected to being included in the playlist, including Jimmy Barnes, Savage Garden's Darren Hayes, Powderfinger, Spiderbait, reality song show star Mark Holden and the Hilltop Hoods. Some, like an artist from obscure band YouAmI, claimed their inclusion in the playlist infringed their legal 'moral' rights and would sue. They didn't.

Left-wing and keyboard-warrior attempts to bombard Spotify with demands to take down the playlist for being 'offensive' also failed.

Senator Bernardi revisited some of the controversy today in his first 2019 podcast episode, saying:

"You can't believe the torrent of abuse (the #AC100) kicked off, particularly from the artists themselves. Unbelievably pathetic. They suddenly said (they) don't want to be included on a playlist because it's been created by Cory Bernardi ... Every time it gets played, they get a royalty through the streaming service. What sort of mind-numbing stupidity is this?"

The Australian Conservatives declared 'Men at Work' winners of the competition with their own controversial but iconic Australian song, 'Down Under'.

The 2019 playlist features some new songs, such as AC/DC's 'Back in Black' - to the exclusion of others that gathered few votes in 2018 or were not nominated by fans during a nomination period leading up to Christmas Eve 2018.

Australian music fans can vote for their 2019 favourite song by tuning in to the #AC100 playlist here.

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