Avoid disappointment: never meet your heroes

January 24, 2018

Newspaper opinion writers have united on the side of common sense in respond to Cory Bernardi's #AC100 Australia Day playlist controversy.

Australian Conservatives Leader and South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi has been relentlessly attacked by Australian music identities over the Spotify playlist.

These narcissistic identities want nothing to do with it and have even threatened legal action to have their songs removed.

But in an opinion piece in the Daily Telegraph newspaper entitled 'Celebs, stick to your day job', Rita Panahi comes to Senator Bernardi’s defence saying:

"The reaction of certain musicians to Bernardi’s Australia Day playlist was particularly petulant. Fancy a musician trying to dictate who can or cannot listen to their music or add their track to a Spotify playlist ..."

“... that those in the artistic community lean further Left than the average member of the socialist alliance is nothing new, but now they can share their harebrained views of the world via social media. They say never meet your heroes to save yourself disappointment. The same could be said about following them on social media where you’re typically regaled with insipid, ill-informed political insights on everything from border protection (it’s bad and racist) to Australia Day (it’s bad and racist).”

“The campaign against our national day is as tiresome as it is futile … and will not make one iota of difference to those genuinely disadvantaged in remote communities nor shut up the self-loathers who just want an outlet for their unending supply of outrage.”

Damien Tomlinson writes in a piece entitled 'Rack Off Fun Police' in today’s Townsville Bulletin newspaper,

“The debate over Australia Day is just the latest example of the deterioration of debate in our community.”

“Anyone who criticises Australians celebrating our great modern nation this Friday is immediately labelled racist and that’s neither fair nor helpful.”

"Several filthy rich, enlightened recording artists felt the need to voice their objection to having songs included on the playlist, characterising Senator Bernardi as a racist and tarring him with (their) hateful brush"

Piers Akerman recently wrote in The Sunday Telegraph:

"Now we find that some ­musicians are upset because Australian Conservative Party leader Senator Cory Bernardi has composed a list of 10 songs and put it before the people..."

"... Their complaints remind us how stupid artists can be when they enter the realms of politics. Recall all those idiots in bell-bottom trousers who gave Gough Whitlam their grinning support, or those who flocked to Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard in open-mouthed awe? Or how about all the ­Hollywood-lites who said they would flee the US if Donald Trump was elected?"

 “...Those who want to change the date [of Australia Day] aren’t really interested in what Aboriginals actually think, they’re into the virtue signalling that plays so well to inner-urban audiences where flying the Aboriginal flag signifies solidarity with something — just not the real issues that beset communities in remote areas of the nation.” 

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