Australia's National Flag Day

September 03, 2018

On 3 September 1901, the Australian national flag was first unfurled and flown at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne, giving rise to our National Flag Day.

Our Aussie flag was born from the winning entry of a competition announced by our first Prime Minister, Sir Edmund Barton, and held in mid-1901 to design a flag befitting for our new nation. Its key symbols of:

  • the Union Jack, signifying our British heritage, political institutions and civilizational roots
  • the Southern Cross (on dark blue background) – the most distinctive and quintessential constellation in our antipodean night sky and one that is circumpolar (ie always above the horizon) for our most populous latitudes, and
  • the (now seven-pointed) Star of Federation, with each point signifying our six States and our Territories

hold essentially all the relevance today that they held back then.

Key symbols like a nation’s flag – which fly over its territories, institutions and the battlefields its forces participate in – should not be changed like wardrobes or edited like websites, just to reflect the ever-morphing sentiments and sensibilities of the most restless and noisy groups of the times.

Flags serve as anchors and reflections of a nation’s heritage/roots – to honour our past and the men and women that served under it, building what we inherited and so enjoy (even take for granted?) today.

Celebrate our National Flag Day by:

  • proudly flying our Aussie flag in the yard or attached to your car
  • exploring whether your club or community group facility might benefit from having a flagpole and/or seek an Australian flag from your local member of Parliament
  • ensuring your school is flying the flag high on its flag pole
  • viewing this brief BTN history of our Aussie flag
  • experiencing this footage of our flag flying above the Australian War Memorial in Canberra
  • reading our strong policy support for our flag, and show your support by sharing our Facebook post backing the flag
  • reading about our flag’s history
  • reading more widely about Federation, the birth of our nation and our first Federal election, and/or
  • sharing this Action Plan post on social media with family, friends, conservatives, unashamed Aussie patriots and those that value our rich history, traditions, institutions, culture and way of life.

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