Australian Government Debt

Australian Government Debt

The latest Budget shows that the Federal Government’s gross debt will continue to rapidly rise over the forward estimates – clocking up at an average rate of $10.5 billion per year, which is $201 million per week or $333 every second. While this debt remains unpaid, Australia's average interest on that debt is over $17½ billion per year – having to be paid out (serviced) at a rate of $561 per second.

To put this into perspective, the interest on our gross debt (clocking up above) could instead pay for:

  • 7 brand new, state-of-the-art public hospitals (the nRAH in SA cost $2.3bn to build), or
  • 8 new 1,000 MW high-efficiency, low-emissions (HELE) coal-fired power stations ($2.2bn per station) to secure our energy grid

each and every year.

That's not to say those are the federal spending priorities of Australian Conservatives – but it does show just how much Australian taxpayers forgo as we continue to rack up (and have to service) this huge gross debt. Worse still, future generations suffer for the debt run up by this generation, which is the epitome of unfairness.

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