Australian Conservatives SA blueprint

February 21, 2018

The Australian Conservatives stand alone with the political courage and a fully-costed plan to make South Australia great again.

Labor, the Liberals and ‘SA Best’ will merely tinker at the edges of economic reform and leave another mess in four years’ time.

Australian Conservatives will:

  • Deliver Australia’s lowest cost of living¸ the lowest cost of doing business and the best medical care and emergency services.
  • Deliver the lowest electricity costs in the nation by making our electricity reliable, affordable and attractive for business investment.
  • Establish a nuclear storage facility and wealth fund to position South Australia for a brighter economic future than any other party will offer this election.

Australian Conservatives will legislate to repeal $3 billion in annual taxes, namely:

  • Payroll Tax ($1.1 billion per annum), stamp duty ($1 billion per annum), land tax ($600 million per annum) the Emergency Services Levy ($260 million per annum) and the NRM Levy ($45 million per annum).

Australian Conservatives will also fund an additional $400 million upgrade to metropolitan hospitals, $100 million on country hospitals, $250 million on education, $250 million on roads and $100 million on emergency services.

We will access $5.6 billion per annum (over the first 30 years of operation) of the revenue stream extensively researched by the Scarce Royal Commission – namely, an integrated, international nuclear fuel storage and disposal facility.

South Australia has the world’s best geographical and political stability to host such a facility, particularly given our extensive uranium resources, export history and prospects. This facility will create $6.7 billion in new gross state product, 9,600 new full time jobs and $3,000 more per person in gross state income, all by 2029/30 - and seed a $445 billion state wealth fund for future opportunities.

Unspent amounts earned from the facility – and the significant other state revenue generated from what will, then, be Australia’s most attractive and enviable investment climate – will be used to pay down the $14 billion in state public debt.

We will also end South Australia’s Electricity crisis by restoring the Playford model – using the most reliable, affordable electricity regardless of the method of generation.

We will end state subsidies of renewable energy and immediately commission cost-benefit analysis of either (1) a high efficiency, low emissions (HELE) 1000MW ultra super-critical coal-fired power plant (estimated cost $2-2.5 billion) or a (2) 285MWe nuclear power plant (estimated cost $3-3.7 billion).

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