Australian Conservatives push into NQ

March 22, 2018

A new party is entering the Queensland political fracas, on a mission to stamp out political correctness and put jobs and coal back on the agenda.

The Daily Mercury reports, the Australian Conservatives, led by South Australian senator Cory Bernadi, is holding grassroots meetings up and down the coast from Bundaberg to Cairns and will be in Mackay on Saturday.

Its purpose is to have a full on assault at the next Federal election, likely to be called next year.

Relying on North Queensland's already conservative nature, party spokesman Lyle Shelton said, they were tapping into a deep concern for freedom of speech and political correctness.

"It's very much to encourage our local supporter groups and to work with them to build a new political movement for this nation - a new conservative movement,” Mr Shelton said.

"One of my criticisms of the current Turnbull government is that they didn't do anything to protect freedom of speech and freedom of religion when same-sex marriage passed. Our political system is not able to guarantee freedom of speech anymore.”

Despite bringing a new conservative party into Dawson, a strong LNP seat, Mr Shelton believes that the MP George Christensen will support him.

"George is a mate of mine, we've been friends since we were both in local government,” he said.

"We're not going to be competitive in that sense; you can think about what we're doing as the Greens did when they started up on the left of Labor.”

He added that the party would run a candidate in Dawson and give Mr Christensen preferences.

The party shirt-fronted the Greens and their anti-coal sentiment at the Melbourne Batman by-election last weekend in an effort to preserve Queensland jobs.

"I will be reinforcing Australian Conservatives' support for Queensland jobs and the Queensland coal industry,” Mr Shelton said.

"Electricity prices have gone through the roof thanks to these renewables that can't make base-load power. "We should be putting reliable power into the grid using the resources that we've got, but we've signed on to this climate change ideology.”

The party is also registering to become a State Political Party to be eligible to contest future Queensland elections.

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Picture: Australian Conservatives' Federal Communications Director, Lyle Shelton

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