Australian Conservatives gain Victorian parliament seat

Statement by Senator Cory Bernardi in Melbourne today:

It is my pleasure to announce that Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins MLC has become Australian Conservatives’ first Victorian parliamentary member.

Rachel represents the Western Metropolitan division and is a committed conservative. Since her election in 2014, she has demonstrated a principled and consistent approach to her public duties and established an enviable reputation amongst her colleagues and in her constituency.

Rachel has a PhD in Social Science where she studied social movements supporting people with disabilities, Indigenous Australians and women in Australia. She also recognises that a strong economy is the key to attaining better outcomes for all Australians.

As a defender of our traditional freedoms, Rachel recognises the importance of civil society as the framework for sustainable prosperity.

With her unique gifts and talents, Rachel will strengthen the Australian Conservatives voice supporting our agenda of free enterprise, limited government, personal responsibility and civil society.

Once the Australian Conservatives has been registered in Victoria, we will be ready to provide a credible and principled alternative for every Victorian at the next election.

The addition of Rachel Carling-Jenkins to the team takes us a step closer to that goal.