Australian Conservatives enter election with a bang

February 21, 2018

The Australian Conservatives will contest about 70% of the State's electorates in the March 17 election, announcing a field of 35 candidates, including four in Hills seats.

Adelaide Hills newspaper the Mount Barker Courier reports the party confirmed on Friday that it would run candidates in 33 lower house seats.

It will also field two candidates in the State's Upper House, sitting member Robert Brokenshire will run for the Legislative Council again, joined by Nicholle Jachmann.

Howard Hollow will run for the Mt Barker-based seat of Kavel, Lynette Stevenson will run for Heysen, Morialta will be contested by Aaron Rigano while Martin Leedham will run for the seat of Newland.

State party leader Dennis Hood, who is a member of the Legislative Council, said the number of candidates the Australian Conservatives had attracted was evidence of the support the young party had drawn.

"We are a party that stands for limited government, personal responsibility, free enterprise and civil society," he said.

"We don't flip flop on policies like some parties, we don't have the pressures of left and right factions like others.”

"Our goal is to build a sustainable and prosperous economy so that our children and grandchildren have the same opportunities that have been afforded to us and to preserve the values that have made Australia and SA the wonderful places they are."


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