Australian Conservatives' Anniversary

In our foundation year, Australian Conservatives has shaken the political establishment with our common sense, principled policies. Senator Cory Bernardi launched Australian Conservatives on 7 February 2017 and the elites across politics, the media and entertainment industry are shell-shocked. Spread the word about what we have achieved in one year and accelerate Australia’s fastest growing political movement today.

  • stopped the government’s plans to sign an extradition treaty with China
  • further exposed inappropriate Chinese influence in Australian politics, seeing new national security laws on espionage coming to parliament in 2018
  • built the case for axing $1 billion in annual car taxes designed to protect a no-longer-existent car industry
  • campaigned for further income and corporate tax cuts to ease cost-of-living pressures and maintain Australia’s global competitiveness.
  • Built the case for a pay freeze for senators and MPs until the budget is back in surplus
  • pushed for nuclear energy to be considered in Australia’s energy mix, something none of the Liberal, National, Greens or Nick Xenophon parties want anything to do with despite Australia’s abundant uranium reserves and nuclear’s low emissions
  • made the case for dumping the radical gender indoctrination program ‘Safe Schools’, a step state governments and oppositions have now embraced
  • stood strong as the only party with a policy not to redefine marriage
  • campaigned all year for free speech reform, seeing the government run a ham-fisted attempt at ‘fixing’ 18C after the QUT students debacle
  • exposed the lies surrounding the citizenship crisis, seeing numerous senators and members referred to the High Court for erroneously declaring their constitutional validity before the last federal election. We have continually called for parliament to be prorogued until the crisis has resolved
  • fought the Greens head-on to save Australia Day, exposing the hateful rhetoric that Australia was ‘invaded’
  • recruited sitting members of state parliaments from South Australia and Victoria to join our parliamentary team
  • tabled motions that exposed Labor, the Greens, Nick Xenophon hostility - and even internal divisions within the Coalition – towards conservative initiatives

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