Australia Day

If you take pride in our national day, add your name below to our campaign to retain Australia Day.

The Greens, some metropolitan councils, and now the ABC's Triple J radio station are attacking Australia Day, wanting a different day to avoid hurting other people's feelings. Senator Bernardi stood up to this latest politically correct attack on our heritage in the Senate:

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The rising threat to Australia Day:

Melbourne's Yarra City councillors have already made their contempt for our proud national day clear, having unanimously passed a motion to abandon Australia Day, and replace their citizenship ceremony with an event "marking the loss of Indigenous culture".

Following their lead, the Darebin council has responded by hurriedly voting to dump Australia Day without even consulting constituents beyond a survey of just 81 people. 

And the threat continues to grow around the country - Hobart's date change vote was just barely defeated, with the Hobart mayor still campaigning against Australia Day and slamming those who proudly defend it as as "Pale, male and stale". 
The Fremantle Mayor too has stated his plans to fight Australia Day. Although the Adelaide City Council's agenda to change-the-date has been put on pause, as momentum against Australia Day continues to grow, the threat remains far from empty, particularly with the likes of Greens Party Senator McKim actively stepping in to support anti-Australia Day councils.

By adding your support to our campaign you're adding your voice to the thousands of proud Australians who value Australia Day and don't want to see it dismantled.