Australia Day tantrum a distraction from the real problems

January 18, 2018

Australian Conservatives' South Australian MLC Dennis Hood says that it is wrong to move the date of Australia Day in order to appease the latest tantrum of the politically intolerant left.

“This division over Australia Day is from the political left and those in the media who sympathise with them- it does not represent the view of mainstream Australia” he said.

“This fuss is not being led by Indigenous Australians. In fact a number of high profile Aboriginal leaders have gone as far to label the debate over Australia Day as ‘disgraceful’ saying it was dividing the country and that Aboriginal people in remote communities had bigger issues to worry about.”

“One of these leaders, Alice Springs councillor Jacinta Price, says she is a fan of Australian Day and publicly stated this week that she felt Australia was at risk of being held to ransom by a vocal minority. She warned about pandering to individuals and told the Northern Territory News that it was time to end the political divisiveness and act like grown-ups.”

"Another high profile Aboriginal leader even criticised the Political left as pushing a ‘cause’ while ignoring the very people they claim to defend."

"Imagine if these politicians and activists put as much effort into closing the gap or alleviating poverty as they do in kicking up a fuss about a national day that is meant as a day of celebration for everyone who calls this country home - they might actually achieve something to be proud of." 

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