Australia Day Action Plan

January 26, 2018

Australia - it's time to make your Australia Day plans.

Our national day has come under unprecedented attack from the Greens and the politically correct brigade. Head out on 26 January to show strength in numbers backing our national celebration – look up a public celebration near you at, or if you are an Australian Conservatives Member stage your own Australia Day barbecue for members via

You can join the fight to save our national day at, and better yet, encourage all your friends and family to join the campaign too!

Let’s build up support for our national flag and celebration as the globalists undermine what makes Australia great.

Take action this Australia Day:

  • Host an Australia Day barbecue with your family, friends and/or neighbours
  • Buy and/or display your Australian flags, bunting or paraphernalia on your home, car or office desk
  • Sign our petition, share stand up for Australia and our Anthem
  • Listen to and vote on the #AC100 playlist and turn up the volume on Australia Day of our classic, headline-grabbing playlist
  • Take the time to share with your family, children or grandchildren a personal and typically Australian anecdote as we conservatives educate the next generation about what makes Australia great
  • Attend a local citizenship ceremony wearing your favourite Australian sporting gear, t-shirt or Conservatives apparel
  • Share our Facebook or Twitter posts supporting Australia Day
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