Australia Day

January 23, 2019

On 26 January each year, Australia celebrates its national day, Australia Day.

It marks the day in 1788 that Governor (and Captain) Arthur Phillip and his First Fleet sailed into Sydney Cove (Circular Quay – see further details below) to begin settling the eastern part of the Australian continent (NSW) as a colony of the then British Empire. It also marks the day that Western civilisation was permanently brought to the shores of the once-elusive great southern land.

The 11 vessels of the First Fleet carried over a thousand settlers, including 778 convicts (586 men and 192 women).

In the 230-plus years since, Australia has become a free, peaceful and prosperous Western nation – the envy of so many in the world today. But like all successful Western nations of European Christian heritage, it is under concerted attack by the scourge of cultural-Fabian Marxism and the globalist elites that crave power.

The key targets of these globalist “fifth column” usurpers are a nation’s history, institutions and national celebrations that define its identity and that of its people. For Australia, there are no bigger target days each year for Greens and Marxists than our own national holiday and ANZAC Day.

Let’s build up support for our national flag and holiday by celebrating Australia Day in numbers, and conspicuously, as the globalists, the politically-correct brigade, nihilists and other malcontents try to undermine what makes Australia great.

Proudly and unapologetically celebrate this Australia Day by:

  • buying and/or displaying your Australian flags, bunting or paraphernalia on your home, car or office desk
  • hosting an Australia Day barbecue with your family, friends and/or neighbours
  • looking up a public celebration near you at, or if you are a Conservative Party member, staging your own Australia Day barbecue for members (or attending one in your vicinity) via

Further details on Sydney Cove

Sydney Cove was named by Governor Phillip in honour of then British Home Secretary (of State), Lord Sydney. This site was preferred to any sites along the nearby shores of Botany Bay (Cook’s landing on 29 April 1770 and Phillip’s own landing just days prior to his ultimate settlement of Sydney Cove). This was due to the Cove’s fresh water supply and its existence on the harbour of Port Jackson – “… without exception the finest Harbour in the World”, Phillip famously described – a harbour that was deep, picturesque, fruitful, better sheltered and more easily defended than any site in the Bay.

Twelve days later (on 7 February 1788), on the shores of Sydney Cove, Governor Phillip formally proclaimed the Colony of NSW.

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