Aussie jihadi bride flees Islamic State stronghold

February 28, 2019

Australia's first so-called jihadi bride is believed to have emerged from the Islamic State group's last stronghold, and says the children of Australia's most notorious terrorist are alive but stranded in IS territory.

The Conservative Party supports stripping jihadis of their Australian citizenship if they hold dual nationality, whilst our Twitter poll found 90% of respondents believe they should lose Australian citizenship even if they are not entitled to citizenship of another country.

The 25 year old woman claimed she was the "best friend" of Tara Nettleton, the wife of Australia's most notorious terrorist, Khaled Sharrouf, who published a photo of his nine-year-old son holding a severed head in Raqqa.

The jihadi's three remaining children remain in Syria and there has been ongoing speculation about their exact location.

The jihadi bride, who left Melbourne for Syria in late 2014 said, "They're fine and they're alive … I don't know if they're going to leave or not, I haven't kept in contact with them so I don't know".

The US and UK have recently followed Australia's lead in refusing to allow re-entry, and stripping citizenship, of jihadi brides seeking to return to Australia.

As far back as June 2017, Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi warned about the ISIS sympathisers in Australia.

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Stop jihadis returning to Australia

The Australian Government is providing assistance to jihadi brides and families to return to Australia. As Senator Cory Bernardi wrote in his Weekly Dose of Common Sense - they chose a side, and lost - and...

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