Aus-funded Global Green Institute goes to the Moon and Back

April 03, 2018

Former United Nations secretary-general and self-declared one-man mission against climate change, Ban Ki Moon, has taken the helm of the Global Green Growth Initiative (GGGI). The GGGI depends in part on continuing funding from Australia.

In July of 2010, Mr Moon sent a video message supporting GGGI's official launch.

Australia seed-funded the GGGI with $10 million over two years, even though Australia's financial contribution gave it no greater rights or obligations than those who had not provided funding.

In July 2012, Mr Moon was present - with then Australian Prime Minister and then national Labor leader Julia Gillard - for the UN's official acceptance of GGGI.  The GGGI was then the first body from Mr Moon's home country, Korea, to ever to be recognised at the UN.

Australia is now contributing $19 million over 3 years to sustain GGGI, and it is worth noting that:

  • the seed funding was provided by Labor and this round of funding has been granted under the Coalition; and
  • the 2012 signature of the treaty to establish Australia's support for the GGGI was signed under Labor, but ratified during the life of the Abbott Coalition administration

The treaty by which Australia supports the GGGI is an example of the many that Australian Conservatives believes should be revised, periodically, to ensure it continues to operate in Australia's best interests.

You can read more about our policies on Foreign Affairs and Trade here, and on Energy (including global warming) here.

Mr Moon's pathway has some parallels with Ms Gillard's pathway to chair the Global Partnership for Education (GPE). Like the GGGI, the GPE received funding support from Australia during her term of leadership.

Senator Cory Bernardi weighed into the probity of Australia's contributions to the GPE when popstar Rihanna called out Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on Twitter, urging them to lift their financial contribution to GPE. Australia promptly responded, leading Senator Bernardi to call on the Foreign Minister to focus on Australia first.




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