As our coal exports soar, so do our electricity prices

October 27, 2018

News today that coal has emerged as our most valuable commodity export should make Australians everywhere scratch their heads in disbelief at our politicians’ incompetence.

“Why do politicians allow our coal to be burned overseas to generate cheap and reliable power but not in desperately needed new power stations here?” Conservatives spokesman Lyle Shelton said.

“As Australia again faces blackouts this summer and warnings of system unreliability from the Australian Energy Market Operator, Australians are wondering how one of the world’s most resource-rich countries came to this,” he continued.

Mr Shelton said most Australians would be surprised to learn that since 2012 10 coal-fired power stations had been closed but not replaced, as Judith Sloan writes in today’s Weekend Australian.

“Allowing the Greens to dictate energy policy has been a disaster.The billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money that has been given to wind and solar companies has only forced up the price of electricity and made its supply less reliable for householders and industry. And there is no end to the chaos in sight,” he said.

“This is an intolerable situation for a self-respecting first world country,” Mr Shelton said government talk about putting “fair dinkum” power back into the grid needed to translate into action.

“The hot air generated from politicians’ talk is a far greater threat to the well-being of Australians than any carbon dioxide that might be emitted from a coal-fired power station. If we really must appease the green climate gods, then we should look at zero emissions nuclear technology,” Mr Shelton said every day Australia delayed the decision to build new base-load power capability was a day closer to further disaster.

“Conservatives are running for the Senate at next year’s election to bring common sense back to the electricity debate,” Mr Shelton said.

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