Army drops the H-bomb - careful saying 'Him' and 'Her'

August 06, 2018

Soldiers are being told they shouldn’t use terms like “him”, “her” so they don’t offend “LGBTI” members, the Daily Telegraph reports today. 

A new language guide also says refusing to use the correct 'pronouns' will be considered “bullying”. The guide written by the Australian Defence Force Academy began being distributed to officers in training last year as part of a politically correct push inside the military.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has previously attacked political correctness in the Australian armed forces - including the banning of pop culture iconography displayed by units -  expressing concern that the top brass seems to put social justice above the operational effectiveness of soldiers.

The Conservatives have also called out such language-control in corporate Australia, backed freedom of speech for comedians and welcomed the recent 'declaration of war on political correctness' by NSW leaders who are following the Conservative Party's lead.

Conservative Party Queensland senate candidate Lyle Shelton said this morning "We fed the crocodile by capitulating to its demands to de-gender marriage. Now the PC police are eating our military. This madness must stop."

Former SAS soldier and Conservative Party Victorian senate candidate Kevin Bailey spoke out previously about the banning of iconography and the growing political correctness focus at the senior levels of the military.

News Limited subscribers can read the full story in the Daily Telegraph here.

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