Another burqa ban as Bernardi waits for numbers behind his 2010 Australian push

Voters in the Swiss canton of St Gallen have voted to ban facial coverings, including Islamic veils such as the burqa and niqab, in public spaces.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has been calling for a burqa ban in Australia since 2010 and to date, more than a dozen countries around the world have done just that.

The new Swiss legislation states that “any person who renders themselves unrecognisable by covering their face in a public space and thus endangers public security or social and religious peace will be fined”.

An outright ban in public places has been implemented in Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, France and Latvia.

Other countries have implemented a partial or local ban.

In Germany, Bavaria is the only state out of 16 which has introduced a ban in public institutions including schools and government offices.

Senator Bernardi has introduced a bill into the Senate to ban burqas at major airports as well as at Centrelink offices and citizenship ceremonies and in all public places in the ACT and NT.

He’s told Sky News “It’s just common sense. If you’re at an airport you need to show your face, if you want a Centrelink payment you need to show your face, if you’re swearing allegiance to Australia you need to show your face”.