Andrew Isaac

Andrew Isaac has lived in the Hornsby Shire for more than 44 years and went to Pennant Hills High School and then to Sydney and New South Wales Universities.

Andrew has been married for 28 years to his supporting wife Greta. Together they have raised very bright and happy children: A daughter who is practising medicine at St Vincent's hospital and two boys, one is studying medicine and the youngest an Optometrist.

Andrew has extensive professional qualifications and career history which are detailed in the Professional Bio below.

Inspired by JF Kennedy’s historic words: “Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country”, he has always been motivated to try to make a difference.

Andrew is a former councillor of Hornsby Shire Council (his term ended in 2008). He also stood for Mayoral election in September of that year. He was fearless in addressing and resolving the issues raised by the ratepayers, not only in C ward but across the Shire.

Andrew stood for Liberal pre-selection in the seat of Epping in 2006 when branch stacking was at its worst within the Liberals.

He resigned from the Liberal party to join the Australian Conservatives. This was because the policies and vision of the movement started by Senator Cory Bernardi which align well with his Christian beliefs and his vision for Australia.

This Vision is based on Sir Robert Gordon Menzies’ original vision for Australia and the new vision of Common Sense by Senator Bernardi.

Sir Robert Menzies saw Australians as the focus, the forgotten people to serve, as does Senator Bernardi.

Most other politicians only care about being re-elected without caring what happens beyond their parliamentary term.

Australia can be self-reliant in many ways, and a strong leader in the world because we have the resources, the intellect and the innovative spirit. 

Prosperity comes from well-educated and hardworking generations in all fields of endeavour especially in Education, Engineering, Medicine, Medical research, Digital technologies and innovation.

This is not only to create long lasting opportunities for the young but also to grow leaders in many fields in this digital age.

Well-loved, well-educated and confident young people are happy, innovative and productive people. I speak from experience, having three children who are now excelling in the medical field.

We also need to ensure the delivery of world class care with dignity to our seniors, who worked hard to pass on the many privileges we now enjoy because of their dedication.

We must work smarter and harder for a brighter future for all Australians.

We owe it to every Australian to live in dignity and freedom under an efficient government that cares about its citizens.

With security, law and order in our cities and towns across our vast land comes confidence and economic prosperity.

However, just as important is the security of our essential services; water, electricity, gas, telecommunications, medical services and engineering.

Andrew has a proven track record as a team player in his professional career. This is because of his experience and dedication to doing things right the first time. This also applies to his passion to serve his country to which he owes everything.

Much has been given and much is expected. Actions, not empty promises, make the difference to people’s lives.

Andrew believes that the Australian Conservatives movement was founded to become, in the fullness of time, a major political party to replace the two major political parties which have failed Australia so badly.

Australians now have a true choice with a Common-Sense Approach to make a positive difference to themselves and their families.

TOP SIX PRIORITIES/ISSUES for Hornsby Electorate:

  1. Security of electricity supply and reducing electricity costs.
  2. Resolve traffic issues and commuter parking at Hornsby hospital and railway stations.
  3. Need more qualified doctors due to under-staffing. Doctors are over-stressed.
  4. Berowra and Hornsby Electorate - Need integrated world class schools, adequately staffed by qualified teachers due to increased population and over-development.
  5. Uncontrolled over-development with no planning for proper infrastructure.
  6. Support our Rural Fire Service (RFS) and work with them to get their policies into legislation to protect people, homes and the environment.


Andrew is a Professional Electrical Engineer with a degree from Sydney University (BE. Elec.) and a Science degree (BSc.) from UNSW in telecommunications and applied mathematics.

Andrew is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers Australia (FIEAust), a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng), on the National Engineers Register (NER) and holds IntPE(Aus) as an APEC Engineer from Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.

Andrew owns an Electrical Engineering Consultancy and he was part of the engineering teams which designed and successfully delivered many important Australian defence projects such as Jindalee Over the Horizon Radar Network (JORN), The Collins Class Submarine Project, The ANZAC ships built in Williamstown in Melbourne, the Minehunter Coastal Ships, the Fast Frigates Guided Missile (FFG Upgrade) Ships in Garden Island Sydney, The Amphibious & Afloat Ships.

Andrew also was the lead electrical design engineer on the HAWKEI® Protected Vehicle now being manufactured in Bendigo Victoria for the ADF.

Andrew has also significant experience on commercial solar and electrical power reticulation projects.

Andrew has excellent skills in communication, project management on complex defence and commercial projects with successful delivery of any project he undertook, with a proven track record as a team player.

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