An economic game changer: Bernardi

October 24, 2018

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Scott Morrison (pictured) tried to suggest there was no investment case for nuclear power in Australia, although he didn't rule out overturning the moratorium on nuclear power that's been in place here for 20 years.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi begs to differ and has unveiled an investment case to pursue the nuclear power generation option today.

A research paper from scientists at America's Massachusetts Institute of Technology have released a white paper costing the building of a nuclear power plant on the Eyre Peninsula, co-located with a desalination plant which would generate cheap, reliable, basload electricity and allow more than 5,000 square kilometres to be turned into swathes of prime agricultural land.

Senator Bernadi says the economic opportunities aren't just restricted to his home state of South Australia and it's time for an elimination of the nuclear ban is now.

“We’re crazy,” he says.

“With our wealth of uranium resources, we could radically change Australia’s economic future. You can do it perfectly safely and to those who want to stop carbon dioxide emissions, you can cure that problem too.”

Senator Bernardi has told Stacey Lee on Sky News, combining a desalination plant with a nuclear power plant on the Eyre Peninsula would solve a number of concerns from many sides of politics - and it has the potential to be an economic game changer.

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