All Australian Citizens Can Request a Portrait of the Queen

August 11, 2018

Queen Elizabeth II is arguably the most famous person in the world and requests for her portrait have been flooding in to federal politicians’ offices after an obscure obligation to provide citizens with portraits of the Queen was highlighted this week by an article on The Advertiser’s website.

The Conservative Party strongly supports Australia’s constitutional monarchy and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as our head of state.

The Conservative Party’s South Australian Senate candidate Rikki Lambert put out a call on radio to let people know of the quirky perk and say he’s had several requests in response.

Under what’s called the “constituents’ request program,” constituents (voters) are eligible to receive certain “nationhood material.”  Most of this pertains to assorted Australiana—flags, recordings of the National Anthem, and the like—but it also includes a portrait of Her Majesty. And all you have to do to get one is email your federal MP. 

The portrait is specifically for Australian audiences; her lapel pin sports the Australian coat of arms, and she’s wearing her “wattle spray” brooch she dons only for Australians. Robert Menzies gave her the brooch on her first royal visit to Australia in 1954. She’s since worn it to various Australian and Commonwealth events. 

The portrait request program is also uniquely Australian. Only Australians can receive portraits. UK citizens have to purchase  them, and Canadians can only download them. Official portraits aren’t available to other Commonwealth countries, including New Zealand, India, and South Africa.

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