Alister Cameron named Victorian State Director: Bernardi

December 13, 2018

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has announced that Alister Cameron (pictured) has accepted the position of State Director for the Australian Conservatives in Victoria.

Alister will be known to many of our members as a political activist and experienced campaign manager over successive elections.

Alister has spent 25 years operating his own small business in the design and digital media space where his influence extends to having  nearly half a million followers on twitter!

Married to Gail and with seven young teen/adult children, Alister has had a long term commitment to numerous volunteer roles including school councils, not for profit board positions and young adult ministry.

“My political convictions very much align with my passions as a parent – I want the best for my children and I want to be proud of what I pass on to their generation," he said.

Alister continued, "I love my country and I’m both hopeful and distressed at the state of our nation at the moment. I’m convinced Australian Conservatives are desperately needed, at a time when common sense is no longer common and where our children are trusting the adults to behave like adults and do the right thing.” 

Senator Bernardi said that “Alister is the right person to lead the Australian Conservatives organisational development in Victoria. He is focused, committed and results oriented. As we enter into the Federal election period, Alister will be critical to our campaign efforts to provide a better way for all Victorians by electing Kevin Bailey to the Senate."

“The Conservatives have the plan and the policies that will restore common sense and confidence to our political system. We are fortunate to have enlisted Alister’s skills, enthusiasm and experience to the critical role of State Director," Senator Bernardi said.

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