Alan Jones praises Conservative Party energy policy

September 12, 2018

Last night on the Sky News' Jones & Co programme, broadcaster Alan Jones praised the Conservative party’s energy policy.

Mr Jones said, to win the next election, "Politically you need a game changer and a game changer is energy policy. You need to turf ideological rubbish out the window and tear up the Paris agreement."

He continued, 

“Around the world coal-fired power stations are under construction… everywhere except here.  583 in China, 271 India, 145 in Indonesia, 71 in Turkey,  84 in Vietnam, 43 in Japan. But none in Australia.

There are 1,600 coal-fired power plants planned or under construction in 62 countries around the world to increase global coal-fired power by 42%.

Many of them will use Australian coal.

We have 40% of the world’s uranium reserves but no nuclear energy … unless you count the Lucas Heights medical reactor in Sydney.

The Labor Party wants half of our electricity to come from renewable energy by 2030.  That would cost about 100 billion dollars in new wind, geothermal and solar capacity. We’d need 10 times the present number of wind turbines that’s an extra 11,000.

That would cost 65,000 million dollars... and yet somehow it’s illegal to operate a nuclear reactor in Australia.

In France, local politicians compete to have the next nuclear reactor in their electorates because of the jobs and commerce they foster.

We have 40% of the worlds uranium reserves!

30 countries, operate 450 nuclear reactors for electricity generation. 60 nuclear power plants are in construction in 15 countries as of today. More than half the world has access to some electricity generated by nuclear-power. The United States generates about 30% of the world’s nuclear energy.

If we want to continue to grow, and have large baseload electricity for smelting and refining and general industry and you’re home we could have the best of both worlds… increase the number of coal fired power station and go nuclear.

Yet here we are with all these Uranium reserves …we are the only G 20 country without nuclear-power.

We had the virtually useless Finkel review into energy and totally it ignored nuclear-power.

John Barilaro,  deputy premier of New South Wales last year argued against Australia’s risk averse culture.

He told the National party conference in May last year, “We know we have a power crisis.  That energy costs are crushing businesses, farmers and families,yet we don’t talk about nuclear energy guaranteed to power millions,  lower bills and with next to no emissions.

Then he also said, “I know I’ll cop grief because I’m talking nuclear”.

At the end of last year… Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi introduced a bill into the senate to lift the ban on nuclear power plants in Australia.

There are growing calls now, for laws to be passed to allow for the construction of nuclear power plants here.

Every year Australia exports more than 400 shipping containers of you uranium. Enough to generate all of our own electricity, with zero emissions.

But as with coal, instead of producing electricity at home our uranium is used to produce vast amounts of clean energy in America, the EU, South Korea, China… the list is sickening.

While hundreds of countries innovating across the world’s nuclear industries we are going nowhere. Well that’s not true… we are going backwards.

And by prohibiting one of the world’s largest sources of carbon free energy… Australia is making its climate and clear air targets even harder to meet."

Conservative Party policy is to adopt the truly technology-neutral approach - as Mr Jones advocated - accommodating a level playing field for coal, uranium or other power generation sources.

According to a new analysis by Environmental Progress reported by Forbes Magazine, had California and Germany invested $680 billion into new nuclear power plants instead of renewables like solar and wind farms, the two would already be generating 100% or more of their electricity from clean (low-emissions) energy sources.

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