Al Grassby's launch of Multiculturalism for Australia

August 11, 2018

On 11 August 1973, Australia’s “Father of Multiculturalism” and Whitlam Government Minister for Immigration, Al Grassby, presented his paper “A Multi-cultural Society for the Future” to a symposium in Melbourne, launching 'multiculturalism' in Australia.

Grassby and the Whitlam Labor Government saw how the left side of politics could harvest votes from ethnic groups, pioneering a successful Machiavellian divide-and-conquer strategy.

Using government programs and taxpayer funds, Grassby and friends fostered difference, appealed to ethnic identity, encouraged enclaves, impeded natural integration and assimilation, pandered to grievance, tribalised Australia and gave ethnic groups an incentive to form leadership structures that guided “their people” to vote left/Labor.

The Grassby multiculturalism model has been rolled out in Western democracies ever since, with borders prised open for added effect. For decades, national major parties at the centre-right of the political spectrum (including Australia's) have failed to identify and stand up to these tactics, ensuring public debate and votes drift left (more details below).

Less than a year after giving the controversial address, Grassby was turfed out of his federal seat of Riverina, in New South Wales, at the May 1974 Federal election – despite the best efforts of his Calabrian connections. 

The re-elected and short-lived second-term Whitlam Labor Government appointed Grassby as the first federal Commissioner for Community Relations (or as Saul Alinsky may have called it, for “Community Organising”). This role was to administer the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 – another Australian legacy and institutional millstone Grassby championed in parliament.

During his role as Commissioner, Grassby hired Junie Morosi who met many Whitlam Government ministers and attracted controversy during the infamous downfall of Jim Cairns, Whitlam’s Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer.

Grassby resigned in the wake of the 1986 Nagle inquiry into the unsolved murder of Griffith (NSW) anti-drugs campaigner, Donald Mackay, after it found Grassby had engaged in a smear campaign against Mackay's family to protect the culprits.

Despite his seriously chequered past (involving Calabrian criminal connections), ACT Labor Chief Minister, Jon Stanhope, nonetheless controversially erected a statue of Grassby in Canberra’s CBD, commemorating his achievements in “multiculturalising” Australia.

Commiserate the launch of Al Grassby’s destructive multicultural experiment in Australia by:

  • watching this video of Conservative Party founder and SA Senator Cory Bernardi describing how “Multiculturalism is a flawed and failing doctrine” (also embedded further below)
  • apprising yourself of the too-often glossed-over darker sides of Al Grassby
  • viewing the sequel Underbelly TV series of 2009 titled, “Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities
  • reading the book “Smack Express: How Organised Crime Got Hooked On Drugs
  • if you are near Griffith (NSW), visiting the memorial in honour of Donald Mackay – anti-drugs campaigner whose body is still not found
  • if you are in/near the ACT, take note of the statue honouring Grassby in the CBD, and/or
  • sharing this Action Plan post on social media with family, friends, honest, law-abiding Aussies and those that want to present our newcomers with an Australian culture that we are proud of and gladly assimilate into.

Further details

Multiculturalism was one of the first Trojan horses of identity politics now accompanied by other stable mates, such as the politics of gender, sexuality, 'anti-ableism' and guilt-tripping over 'colonialism'. These political machinations are designed to break up the unity, spirit, functionality and social fabric of Western nations – stoking grievance and setting identity groups against the incumbent culture. As they prevail, these identity groups then contend with each other for the spoils.

Australia is a very successful multi-ethnic country, but thankfully, we are not yet truly multicultural.

Multiculturalism can only gain a foothold in - and ultimately undermine - cultures that have become self-destructively tolerant or self-loathing. When challenged by the demands of other cultures (eg from enclaves allowed to mushroom within) that are prouder, more insistent and assertive - with far stronger in-group preference - the incumbent culture instinctively cedes or melts away to those demands, surrendering its ability to hold ground.

Once borders are prised open, it is not long until a nation or society with a surrendering culture and taxpayer-funded multiculturalism descends into a mosaic of increasingly ungovernable tribes, enclaves, no-go zones and principalities.

This induced societal weakness is the goal of any form of identity politics, with multiple strains assailing weak spots until the prevailing culture collapses. Undemocratic, intolerant forces best placed to take the reins of power then sweep in - sweeping the incumbent, surrendering culture into history's dustbin.

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