AHRC ruling attacked

July 01, 2018

A “bizarre’’ human rights commission demand that an ­insurance heavyweight comp­en­sate a convicted child pornographer for refusing to hire him will be investigated by the Turnbull government and lead to a possible overhaul of the law.

The Australian newspaper reports, Attorney-General Christian Porter will meet the Australian Human Rights Commission to examine the decision, saying the case was at “complete odds with common sense”. The Conservative Party has long advocated the abolition of the massive waste of Australian taxpayers’ time and money that is the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Insurance giant Suncorp is refusing to pay the AHRC’s $2,500 fine for not hiring a man who has convictions for accessing child porn and being in possession of child pornography.

He is accused of initially concealing his offending from Suncorp and was to be compensated for discrimination to cover “hurt, humiliation and distress’’.

AHRC president Rosa­lind Croucher’s ruling was based on her view that a criminal ­record on its own could not be a basis to impute bad character, casting a shadow over recruitment processes nationally and calling into question existing law.

Mr Porter said a legal overhaul may be required to prevent a ­repeat of businesses, in some ­instances, effectively being told to hire people convicted of serious sex offences or face discrimination proceedings. He spoke out after the case was revealed by Miranda Devine in yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph.

“I find this — as I am sure most Australians would — a result at complete odds with common sense,’’ he said. “And I will be ­requesting a full brief on the decision and will meet directly with the HRC to examine the basis on which it was made, as well as, considering all the ­relevant law surrounding this ­decision to see if there are statutory changes that may need to be considered to prevent this type of ­bizarre outcome.’’

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