Acknowledge your "white privilege"

October 08, 2018

Less than 10 months after Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi's blog attacking the new national Nursing Code of conduct requiring nurses and paramedics to acknowledge their "white privilege" before treating indigenous Australians, it seems the politically correct infection is spreading.

The Australian reports, the South Australian Health Department along with others is imposing mandatory training requiring staff to acknowledge their "white privilege".

The Aboriginal Cultural Learning Framework is one such example and the South Australian Department of Premier and Cabinet's website 'actively encourages Public Sector employees to participate in Aboriginal cultural awareness training'. The site lists ‘cultural trainers’ with their contact details. 

Senator Bernardi said,"This 'white privilege nonsense' is a contagion being driven by politically correct identity politics. Even the Liberals have let this continue to run under their watch".

"Settlement has done more to improve health outcomes of all Australians than anything else. It’s time to recognise the benefits of Western Civilisation to the lives of all Australians – there is nothing to apologise for, only advancement to celebrate," he continued.

Senator Bernardi said,"This politically correct nonsense is offensive, if not racist, towards many Australians. I’ve had public servants contacting my office, fearful for their jobs because in good conscience they cannot undergo this mandatory indoctrination. They are being discriminated against because political correctness and bureaucracy have run out of control under the noses of the major parties."

He's told ABC Radio Adelaide that, in Australia, he doesn't think it matters what your skin colour is.

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