Aboriginal superhero kills white people in government-funded production

May 02, 2018

A Sydney Theatre Company production featuring an Aboriginal “superhero” who goes on a mission to murder white descendants of people who killed her ancestors is ditching reconciliation for “revenge”.

The Australian Conservatives have long held the view that government-funded arts productions should not promote divisive politics.

News Limited reports, the play, Blackie Blackie Brown: The Traditional Owners of Death, is a play created by ABC actress and author Nakkiah Lui.

According to its publicity, Blackie Blackie Brown is a mystical quest, bloodcurdling vengeance and a dose of potent political venom, and a new superhero is born.”

It follows “a mild-mannered archaeologist Dr Jacqueline Black”, played by Megan Wilding, who uncovers a mass grave “somewhere in the Australian bush”.

“She picks up a skull and is overpowered by the spirit of her great-great-grandmother and becomes a cold-blooded vigilante,” the website says.

“Her mission: kill all the descendants of the men who massacred her ancestors. White people, watch out. This isn’t about forgiveness. And it’s not about reconciliation.”

Actor Ash Flanders plays “every single white person she needs to kill”. “You’ll be laughing out loud one second, squirming in your seat the next,” it says. “Your white meat is DONE, motherf**ker.”

Ms Lui received a $40,000 Australia Council grant for the show, produced by Redfern-based theatre company Performing Lines — which has received nearly $9 million in Australia Council grants since 2008.

The NSW government’s Create NSW chipped in nearly $27,000 in 2015, while the Victorian government’s Australian Centre for the Moving Image provided in-kind support through access to its green-screen studio.

Blackie Blackie Brown also received funding of $26,509 in 2015 through the then Arts NSW Arts & Cultural Projects fund for a two-week creative development of the project.

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