The ABC unbiased? Pull the other one!

September 25, 2018

Tom Ballard (pictured) was host of an ABC show that called Conservative Party candidate Kevin Bailey a c**t.

Now Ballard's endorsing the Socialist Party

Andrew Bolt's blog in the Herald Sun says ABC chairman Justin Milne insists publicly the ABC is not biased and Bolt asks the question, "Shouldn't he be sacked, too?".

Meanwhile the ABC itself reports it's own acting managing director David Anderson has denied yesterday's shock sacking of his predecessor Michelle Guthrie is the broadcaster's own version of the recent Liberal leadership spill, amid a report senior ABC executives had threatened to quit over her performance.

Mr Anderson said the comparison to the recent Liberal leadership spill was not apt.

"I think it's different to what happened with Turnbull, in that there isn't a voting selection here that I'm aware of that is one person over another," he said.

The political bias of the ABC is not the only problem with the national broadcaster.  The fact that its more than $1 billion annual funding has seen it spread its tentacles across non-traditional media platforms at the expense of commercial operators is anathema to its charter.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has told ABC Radio Adelaide's Ali Clarke this has recently been evidenced by news of the merging of Fairfax and Channel 9. 

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