ABC MD Guthrie gone

ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie has been sacked by the ABC board, bringing the curtain down on her five-year term just before it reached the halfway stage.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has long called for a root and branch reform of both the ABC and SBS to create a streamlined national broadcaster and to level the playing field with commercial and online broadcasting platforms.

The Australian reports, her dismissal comes after months of tension between the managing director and ABC chairman Justin Milne.

The pair have clashed over a number of key projects and how to deal with a hostile Coalition government as the ABC gets set to make a case for its next round of three-year funding.

In an illustration of the cultural issues within the ABC that Ms Guthrie faced, the Executive Producer of investigative program 4 Corners – which ran the controversial Live Export and Don Dale stories – welcomed Guthrie’s dismissal, tweeting “Excellent decision”:

Melbourne ABC morning radio presenter Jon Faine also let rip about the poor legacy – in his view – Guthrie leaves the ABC.

The ABC said in a statement this morning the board decision “follows discussions over several months that concluded when directors resolved that it was not in the best interests of the ABC for Ms Guthrie to continue to lead the organisation”.

Senator Bernardi has told ABC Radio Adelaide it is Conservative Party policy to merge and shrink the ABC and SBS, retaining only the most vital services.

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