ABC crosses the line as ACMA umpire called in

May 07, 2018

A media commentator has today questioned the ABC's judgment in a couple of incidents that have brought compliance with its charter obligations into question.

The Australian newspaper's media commentator Steven Brook writes today:

"(M)edia regulator ACMA is going to rule on the ABC’s Tonightly program, which referred to a conservative political candidate who declined to be interviewed by the show as a “c—t”. An ABC executive apologised to Australian Conservatives candidate Kevin Bailey, but the ABC said the sketch complied with editorial standards on harm and offence."

"Why oh why does the ABC continue to indulge these substandard comedians? Twitter trolls regularly abuse ABC presenters with such language, causing great unhappiness, but Tonightly does it and it’s laughs all round?"

Communications Minister Mitch Fifield has asked the independent Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA) to investigate the Tonightly skit. ACMA recently ruled that an ABC political editor's labelling of former Prime Minister Abbott as "the most destructive politician of his generation" breached the ABC's charter.

An Australian Conservatives survey on Twitter attracted over 1,000 votes and determined that former Prime Minister Rudd was far more deserving of that label than Mr Abbott - read the analysis here.

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