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January 21, 2019

The Conservative Party's calls for a royal commission into Chinese Communist Party influence in Australia have been further strengthened by an opinion piece in today's The Australian. 

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Jennifer Oriel writes:

China’s rise poses a threat to liberal internationalism, but the political ideal that inspired the Western postwar consensus has fallen from favour. The liberal world order is in decline as Western nationalists strike back against threats to nation state borders and the decline of US hegemony.

As China exerts greater power over the international community, shortsighted domestic policies leave Australia vulnerable to the Chinese Communist Party’s political objectives. Labor is enabling China to exert greater influence in national politics. In Victoria, the socialist Labor government signed an agreement to join China’s global trade pact, the Belt and Road ­Initiative. Senior intelligence analysts have warned that the trade deal poses a threat to national ­security, but Victorian Labor seems not to mind.

In Western Australia, Labor premier Mark McGowan awarded controversial Chinese company Huawei a lucrative contract. Several countries believe Huawei could use telecommunications networks for cyber espionage and some have banned it. However, the WA Labor government has commissioned it to build the 4G communications system for Perth’s rail network.

From Perth, China’s consul-general Lei Kezhong promoted bilateral ties. He wrote in The West Australian that Chinese investment helped Australia survive the global financial crisis and drives economic growth. However, his claim that critical media reports about Chinese influence constitute “fabricated news” is concerning.

So too the remark: “I hope that the Australian media … can correctly understand China and China’s ­development and view China-Australia relations in an objective and positive way.” One cannot be objective when the predetermined conclusion is that China-Australia relations are positive.

The Western model of democracy requires us to exercise discretion in international relations. Limiting the influence of totalitarian states on the free world should be part of our commitment to globalisation. However, some globalists have taken to praising China with little qualification.

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