‘Too extreme’: Video showing musical duo defacing colonial monuments in Melbourne taken down

A video showing a musical duo spitting on and spraying water pistols apparently filled with their own urine on colonial monuments around Melbourne appears to have been taken down.

Australian Conservatives’ leader Cory Bernardi says, “An unsettling disrespect for our history and traditions is being encouraged by groups who want to dismantle Australian society and its values – and it’s those values and traditions we need to protect and defend”.

Melbourne radio station 3AW reports the two members of band Divide and Dissolve were filmed spraying Cook’s cottage and John Batman monuments with water soakers in a video originally posted on Vice’s Noisey website.

Melbourne’s Lord Mayor-elect Sally Capp told Neil Mitchell while she supports free speech, the stunt was “too extreme”.

“I was aghast at the disrespect, disrespect for our history for our parks, and disrespect for the people that want to come and enjoy those spaces,” she said.

“And it was very, very disappointing.

“But I am also for free speech, I think it’s just got to be about how we actually engage on these issues and to me, that’s too extreme.”

Victoria Police say the incident could constitute a criminal offence.

To listen to the interview with Melbourne Lord Mayor-elect Sally Capp, click here.