'Fake News' is alive and well and living in New York

September 05, 2018

It seems the New York Times wants to rob Aussie underdog and Queenslander John Millman of the glory of his landmark victory over Roger Federer by claiming it's global warming's fault.

US President Donald Trump's accusations of "Fake News" from some sections of the media are ringing loud and true today as the unhinged political left - personified by the Times - clutching at straws to get airplay for their climate alarmism.

The Conservative Party have regularly called out the inconsistencies and alarmism of global warming advocates, who drive economically destructive policies including Australian restrictions on power sources that drive up power prices.

The Times headlines a story, "Roger Federer is tough to beat. Global warming might have pulled an upset," after the number 2 seed's overnight defeat at the hands of 55th ranked Australian John Millman.

The story claims Federer, "may have become an unwitting spokesman for the effects of climate change," as he, "seemed to struggle all night in the heat and humidity at Arthur Ashe Stadium."

“It was hot,” Federer said. It “was just one of those nights where I guess I felt I couldn’t get air; there was no circulation at all.”

What wasn't reported was that Millman, who fought hard to win the encounter, was experiencing exactly the same conditions as Federer.

Sour grapes? Maybe we can blame climate change for them too.

All jokes aside, the cost of policies driven by global warming alarmism and its acolytes - the Australian Greens - keeps racking up. Conservative Party leader and senator Cory Bernardi outlined just some of the cost in the Senate earlier this year.

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