‘Canberra Bubble’ named Word of The Year

December 13, 2018

The "Canberra Bubble", the phrase used by Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi to describe how isolated politicians and the bureaucracy are from the rest of Australia has been named the 2018 Word of the Year by the Australian National Dictionary Centre. 

Senator Bernardi used the phrase in March last year in an address to the South Australian Press Club, launching our "Burst the Canberra Bubble" campaign.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison appropriated the phrase in one of his first Twitter videos in October this year.

AAP reports, ANDC director Amanda Laugesen said,“Politics is always a great contributor to our language. Canberra bubble is a term that increased in usage significantly through 2018".

"I think it also reflects the notion that across Australia there is some disenchantment with politics, and that politicians are more preoccupied with the goings-on in Canberra than the everyday concerns of Australians.” Other words to make the shortlist were fair dinkum power, bag rage, blockchain, drought relief and NEG, which is an acronym for the National Energy Guarantee," she said. 

Last year's winner was ‘Kwaussie’, a blend of Kiwi and Aussie.

The ANDC, based at the Australian National University, undertakes research into Australian English in partnership with Oxford University Press.

Senator Bernardi has told Sky News bursting the Canberra Bubble will be a hard job, but if enough Conservative Party Senators are elected next year, it will happen.

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