‘Black Hand’-dominated cabinet ties Morrison’s

August 27, 2018

With Christopher Pyne’s “Black Hand” of Left-leaning Liberals and Nationals making up around two thirds of the new Morrison Cabinet, the need for Conservative Party Senators is greater than ever.

Conservative Party Queensland Senate candidate Lyle Shelton said it will be difficult for new Prime Minister Scott Morrison to make a clean break from the policy dysfunction that has beset the Coalition since Malcolm Turnbull cut down Tony Abbott three years ago.

“Removing Malcolm Turnbull while retaining an overwhelmingly Left-leaning Cabinet won’t fix the fundamental crisis within the Coalition,” Mr Shelton said.

“The influence of Conservative Party Senators is the only way to help the Liberal Party find its true north again,” Mr Shelton said.

"We have a policy crisis because we have a leadership crisis. We have a leadership crisis because political correctness saps the courage of politicians to say 'the emperor has no clothes'. Appointing the chief protector of ‘safe schools’, Christopher Pyne, as defence minister is only going to embolden 'diversity programs' encouraging military personnel to paint their pinkies with nail polish," he said.

“Appointing Marise Payne, architect of the military’s identity politics diversity drift, as foreign minister is not the way to protect Australia from the politically-correct-mad United Nations. Australians want a foreign minister who is going to put Australia’s interests first, not those of global elites," Mr Shelton continued.

Mr Shelton said the Liberals who orchestrated last week’s coup had done the nation a service in removing Malcolm Turnbull but they continued to lose because most of them operate silently in the shadows instead of in public.

"This is why most Australians are scratching their heads trying to work out what happened last week. The Greens take up the battle for ideas everyday and have been so successful that even much of the Liberal Party has been swept along with their big government, anti-coal, anti-nuclear and radical social policy initiatives," he said.

“Until Conservative Party Senators are elected who will fight with conviction everyday in the parliament and in public, our nation will continue its drift to the Green-Left. It’s going to be very hard to implement post-Ruddock review freedom of speech, religion and parental rights protections under a cabinet like the one unveiled at the weekend. Unless Mr Morrison is supported in pushing back on the ‘Black Hand’ his hands will be tied,” Mr Shelton said.

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