Christmas Island tragedy - SHY says 'accidents happen'

December 12, 2018

On 15 December 2010, a boat from Indonesia carrying around 90 illegal maritime arrivals (IMA) was dashed by rough seas against the rocks of Christmas Island killing around 50 of its human cargo – 35 adults and 15 children, of Iranian and Iraqi origin. (This “Suspected Illegal Entry Vessel” was later named “SIEV 221”.)

The graphic and tragic scenes of people screaming and drowning were captured on camera from several sources and circulated on the internet and in the media. The captured scenes transcended “the barrier of the abstract” and brought home – even to those in our leafiest suburbs and gated communities – the immense risks and perils of people on small leaky boats and high seas. Whilst most boat people that die at sea perish invisibly and anonymously – without a face, name or voice ever put to them – 50 of these SIEV 221 people were seen on film on the rocks.

A year later – almost to the day (17 December 2011) – another boat with around 250 illegal maritime arrivals on-board, again from Indonesia (Java), capsized around 75 kms into its journey to Australia with around 200 perishing. Only about half of those 200 were ever actually accounted for, the rest tragically losing their lives.

When confronted by the media over this latter incident, and whether she or the Greens accepted some responsibility for either tragedy, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young infamously replied, “Of course not. Tragedies happen, accidents happen.

In June 2014 – nine months after Labor had left office – eight of the families involved in the SIEV 221 tragedy launched legal action in the New South Wales Supreme Court to sue our Federal Government, arguing Australia was responsible and the Commonwealth breached its duty of care. The audacious suit included claims the government failed to rescue their loved ones and did not maintain a proper lookout. In September 2017, the court ruled in favour of the Federal government and quashed the class action.

Mark this tragic anniversary of the SIEV 221 and its people-smuggled cargo dashed against the rocks by:

  • if you are ever on Christmas Island, visiting the memorial to SIEV 221 and those that perished there
  • viewing these clips on the tragedy that unfolded
  • researching further the context of SIEV 221 and its fate
  • reading up on what the “woke, SJW lunar left” wrote on the tragedy over the subsequent days of that “current year” (if you can bear it!)
  • reviewing some of Senator Hanson-Young's other infamous gaffes including her 'Sea Patrol' howler 
  • going through the other deaths at sea from the porous border and “pull factor” policies of the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd Labor governments – which 'Labor for Refugees', the Labor Left and many within Australian Labor believe in their heart
  • observing how the Left in Australia get hysterical about 1,200 Palestinians in Gaza perishing through escalated, provoked violence with Israel (2014) yet simply shrugs and moves on when it lures 1,200 IMAs to their deaths at sea (2008-2013 incl)
  • delving into the Rudd-Labor genesis of these tragedies at sea
  • perusing the Conservative Party’s policies on immigration and keeping our borders strong and secure, and/or
  • sharing this Action Plan post on social media with family, friends, conservatives, anti-nihilists, border hawks and those that seek better outcomes and see/admit clear consequences of incentives and actions as opposed to sanctimoniously signalling their virtues, safe in their leafy or gated communities.

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