Chip In $10

An abattoir worker from Kilcoy who lost his job to a foreign worker was allegedly “stood down with pay pending an internal investigation after his story went viral.” 

Australian Conservatives supporters brought to our attention this case regarding Australian workers seemingly sidelined by the 457 visa program which is only meant to fill skills gaps - i.e. not sidelining Australian workers.

Soon after, Senator Cory Bernardi raised the matter with federal Employment Minister Michaelia Cash seeking some answers.  The Australian Conservatives leader was also able to raise some of the concerns with the abbatoir's Chief Executive Officer. The CEO was very forthcoming and happy to be working with government to confirm that the law had not been breached.

It was later reported in the Caboolture News (pictured below) that the Department of Immigration is “looking into the case” stating that “skilled meat worker positions cannot be filled under the standard 457 program… a meat industry labour agreement is the only pathway for an Australian meat processing employer to recruit overseas workers in the occupation of skilled meat worker.”