400 million more reasons to get out of Paris

The Conservative Party has called on the Morrison Government to reject the United Nations’ request for another $400 million of taxpayers’ money for climate change initiatives.

“With a debt of $532 billion, Australia cannot afford to give another $400 million of borrowed money to developing countries to mitigate problems that are not even caused by human activity,” spokesperson Lyle Shelton said.

“The idea of human-induced climate change is an economy-destroying fraud that is being used to gouge billions of dollars from the pockets of taxpayers in developed nations,” he said.

“Australia would be better off putting the $400 million towards building a coal-fired power station,” he continued.

Australia has already gifted $500 million of a $1 billion commitment made in 2015 to UN climate initiatives.

“The request for an additional $400 million is evidence that the UN’s Paris process is a bottomless money pit. We should not give another cent to the United Nations Paris process. Shoring up affordable and reliability electricity in Australia should be our top priority followed by paying down our debt,” Mr Shelton said.

Mr Shelton is hosting a series of public meetings next month in regional Queensland with Professor Ian Plimer (pictured), whose new book ‘Climate Change Delusion and the Great Electricity Rip-Off’, exposes how resource-rich Australia came to have among the highest electricity prices in the world.

“Professor Plimer’s book is a damning examination of how gullible politicians have followed the Greens in imposing unnecessary economic hardship on Australians. We have frittered away our nation’s competitive advantage for no good reason and wreaked financial hardship on millions of working Australians and pensioners,” Mr Shelton said.

Professor Plimer’s public meetings will be held in Noosa, Gladstone and Rockhampton from October 14-16.