35 candidates pursuing A Better Way for SA

SA’s Australian Conservatives have this morning announced they will field 33 House of Assembly candidates and 2 Legislative Council candidates at the March 17 state election.

Australian Conservatives state leader Dennis Hood MLC said the number was significant and showed the support the party had gathered since amalgamation.

“There are many people in this state that feel neglected by the major parties and are looking for an alternative conservative party that has strong values and that is the Australian Conservatives.”

“We are a party that stands for limited government, personal responsibility, free enterprise and civil society. We don’t flip flop on policies like some parties, we don’t have the pressures of left and right factions like others.”

“Our goal is to build a sustainable and prosperous economy so that our children and grandchildren have the same opportunities that have been afforded to us and to preserve the values that have made Australia and South Australia the wonderful places they are.”

Full List of Candidates:

#1 Robert Brokenshire MLC
#2 Nicolle Jachmann

(both pictured, above)


Badcoe                  Robyn Munro
Black                     Lionel Zschech
Chaffey                  Trevor Scott
Croydon                 Rachael Runner
Elder                      Shawn Van Groesen
Elizabeth                John Mathiesen
Enfield                   Steve Edmonds
Finniss                   Bruce Hicks
Flinders                 Tony Parker
Florey                    John Peake
Giles                     Cheryl Kaminski
Hammond              Declan Paton
Hartley                  Bob Jackson
Heysen                  Lynette Stevenson
Hurtle Vale             Bruce Malcolm
Kavel                     Howard Hollow
King                      Gary Balfort
Lee                       Vicki Jessop
Light                     Carl Teusner
MacKillop               Richard Bateman
Mawson                 Heidi Greaves
Morialta                 Matt Smith
Mount Gambier      Gregg Bisset
Narungga              Rebecca Hewett
Newland                Martin Leedham
Playford                Shane Sheoran
Port Adelaide         Bruce Hambour
Ramsay                Domenico Ialeggio
Reynell                 David Sires
Schubert               Rikki Lambert
Taylor                   Danny Bradley
Waite                    John Duncan
Wright                  Eric Dennis