14% Water Allocation Fail - Go Back And Try Again!

April 16, 2019

Conservative Party senate candidate Rikki Lambert, who grew up in Riverland,  has called on South Australia's Liberal Government to go back to the drawing board with its irrigation opening allocation, saying they have one month to hand in a better outcome.

"This allocation announcement is a disgrace and has the stench of Barnaby Joyce about it," Mr Lambert said, "The former deputy PM railed against South Australia after the NSW Nationals had a poor showing in their state election, and lo and behold their Coalition partner in SA delivers a shockingly low water allocation."

"This politically timed 14% announcement sends a signal to drought-stricken NSW that SA is bearing the burden of their drought, yet the bulk of SA's water comes via the lower Murray/Victorian catchment. Meanwhile, the calls of the Conservatives, Cory Bernardi, SA Murray Irrigators' Caren Martin and others for a federal royal commission into water mismanagement upstream continue to be ignored. Why? What have they got to hide? Who are they covering for?" he continued.

"The SA government needs to stick up for South Australia and issue a fresh announcement in one month's time. If there isn't a significant improvement in the grade, it's clear they are the whipping boys for our eastern overlords," Mr Lambert said.

Currently travelling through the Riverland campaigning ahead of next month's federal election, Mr Lambert spoke with Matthew Pantelis on Adelaide radio station FIVEaa.

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